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Why Choose Us?

While researching products to help with my families health concerns naturally, I found that most products available are either very expensive, or are made with synthetics, dyes, fillers etc. I wanted to provide my family and myself with a cleaner, affordable option to what was available, especially in regards to supplements and medicine. 

The education about the ingredients individual medicinal/therapeutic properties is just as important to me as the blends I have developed. Education about Essential oils, various medicinal herbs, CBD as well as various holistic therapies will always be highlighted in great detail both on my website and in my LIVE videos.As people start to turn away from synthetic medicine and look to natural traditional alternatives I want to help educate them on what is available and what can be done with these herbs, and how to use them with intent and mindfulness in connection with holistic based practices and therapies.

About Us

Katrina Tschirhart

Holistic Therapist

Hello I’m Katrina, and Welcome to “Just a Phase” Holistic Healing.

Holistic health is a topic close to my heart and soul, not only from being raised in a holistic home/practice but also along my own soul path. I bring with me years of knowledge from, being mentored by my mother (Dawn’s [W]holistic Nutrition) my own experiences and research, and several certification programs.

I embarked upon this path in hopes to help improve not only my own life, and those close to me but also others. What being a Light Worker to me means is, providing myself as a facilitator, to reflect the universal, shine my own, and raise others. It is my hope and goal to help those who are drawn to me to reach a higher level of light and love themselves.

The idea behind “Just A Phase” is that life is full of different phases. Some phases like sickness, that come and go are a good thing, whereas phases such as that of fertility, can be that of a wave, some relish the changes and some wallow. It’s all in the perspective. Some phases or cycles are that of stress or trauma. There are also the phases of life that one goes through from birth, through to death which too, is a part of life. There are so many and that is why I have centered my practice around this idea because life is ever changing and evolving, it’s a neutral- balanced ideology, that gains positive or negative where we add it.

I hope to inspire, and impart some words of wisdom to help you along your journey, and offer my services to you if you are in need.



To Learn more about our products and services please see our main website www.JustAPhaseHolistic.guru or find us on facebook at www.facebook.com/JustAPhaseHolisticHealing

Below are my Office hours for distance therapies. I do not have a therapy room for in-person therapies. 

In-Office Hours

Monday — Friday

7:00 PM — 10:00 PM


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